Presuming Competence

What is Presuming Competence?

Invictus Academy Tampa Bay presumes competence in all of our students. We believe that all students want to learn and have the ability to learn. Our curriculum is structured around the Florida State Standards and each student is taught the core and required subjects in order to receive a high school diploma and move on to college should they choose to do so.  We believe that when a student is supported in all areas of development, has access to reliable forms of communication and is challenged academically, they will reach their individual goals. Our school supports the students’ developmental and learning capacities by delivering the highest caliber curriculum. We are able to challenge our students academically while providing the necessary developmental and communication supports each individual needs to be successful. We always ensure the student is working at an academic level that will challenge their thinking and make certain the integration of new knowledge no matter what their ability. The key difference at Invictus is the way in which the curriculum is delivered, supported, and assessed.

Hear from our students
  • “Presuming competence is taking the time to know me, forgetting the autism, and just treating me like another human being that matters” – Adam

  • “Never assume that I cannot understand you, talk to me like someone my own age. I am just as important as them.”- Gabe

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