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We specialize in educating students with motor and sensory differences such as autism and apraxia. We presume that all of our students have the capability of and desire to learn. Even though our students may not have the ability to speak, they can still think, dream, and reach their goals. Our students are supported by our amazing staff members who believe in them and in their ability to achieve anything!

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    We are a non-traditional school that presumes intellectual competence in every student and supports their motor differences and sensory needs.


    We use a multidisciplinary approach to learning, which includes providing each student with reliable communication to access not only the academic curriculum, but the community at large.


    Our school prepares our students for the future; to be autonomous, to embrace change, to self-advocate and contribute to our ever changing world.

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I highly recommend Invictus Academy! The staff and teachers are dedicated to helping their students learn and grow. My son has been going to Invictus Academy for 3 years and is thriving!
Sara Mota

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Invictus Academy Tampa Bay’s mission is to empower students to access the community by supporting reliable communication, fostering autonomy, and honoring individual differences. We utilize a developmental relationship-based learning environment where the individual needs of each student are met through building healthy foundations for social, emotional, & academic growth. New programs are in our future but these would require additional support. Help us achieve our goal by donating today!


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