Student Testimonials

  • I really had a great year there has been so much to reflect on I want to start calling this school wonder school. I learned so much that I am glad to talk about on letter boards. This sh*t really blows my mind. I am happy to call this place my home, I once thought no one would ever like me but now I have friends that make my experience so much loving. I am one of the luckiest people in the world to be fluent on the letterboards. Great things happen with letterboards at school. Now that I’m here I can communicate whatever I lack with my nonsense words I say. Now I am able to spell out my real thoughts I could not be any happier. Letterboarding has changed my life I love it so much it hurts.

    – MAC
  • This year I really gave respect where it was needed. Respect is necessary with everyone in my class. I am so proud of my progress on the boards this year. Every class really needs to use letter boards in other schools. No one really understands autistics like the teachers here. Letterboards make my life so unbelievable. My letterboard experience has been the most amazing
    thing to happen to me.

  • I remember the time that I had to use the three stencils. I am now on the laminate. The progress has been great. This is called independence. I have the ability to communicate with my teachers in the classroom and my family. Talking to them has been amazing and I love having a voice to share my thoughts. People will always think I am time consuming with my rituals. I am trying my best to make some progress. Gathering my attention to accomplish a task this is a really hard thing for me.

    – AUSTIN
  • I managed to open myself to possibilities that I never knew existed and I allowed myself to have control of my emotions so I can prepare for the future. I remember the first time I spelled on the letterboards I grew so much and I believe I will continue to understand the importance of solely communicating through the use of the letterboards to grow into myself to really show my family how much they mean to me.

    – GRACE
  • In the past year I have made new friends and I am able to spell with many new teachers to work on my skills so that I can live more independently. I noticed my energy to learn has increased and I let myself have a chance to change my life.

    – ZACH

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