Admissions Process

Our enrollment procedure is a multi-step process to ensure that the fit between the family, student, and Invictus Academy is seamless. 

Families can call or email us to initiate the application process.  Invictus Academy will set up a tour of our school with both the family and the student. The Director will discuss next steps which could include a 1 month trial period at Invictus Academy before full enrollment is secured.  

Once the student is enrolled, the administrative and clinical staff will begin to assess and finalize the student’s individualized curriculum and learning plan. Each student will be assessed academically in addition to occupational and communication services.


Tuition and Fees

2023-2024 Annual Tuition:

K-8th Grades $39,700

9th-12th Grades $34,400

Invictus Online Learning Platform $12,000


We accept these Florida State Scholarships:
– FES-UA through SUFS or AAA

Fees not included in our 2023-2024 Annual Tuition:
New student registration and fees $3,100.00
Returning student registration and fees $1,100.00

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